Pay attention to women's health- these plant extracts you can not miss


There are public data show that 75% of the total consumption of Chinese households is determined by women, it can be seen, women in the consumer decision-making and spending power are occupying absolute dominance. Women gradually become the domination of family investment assets, holding a large number of social resources. Its potential spending power and the consumption characteristics of the crowd worthy of further study.

Currently on the market, share of women's health nutrition and health food is still very small, but this market outlook can not be underestimated. Plant extracts as a natural pure green health care ingredients, much more recognized by consumers. In the vast number of plant extracts, there are many ingredients is good for women's health.

Plant extract EstroG-100: for menopausal women's health

On May 8, the EU Food Safety Authority (EFSA) again made an opinion on the extract EstroG-100 as a new food ingredient for food supplements, saying that menopausal women were safe to take at a maximum intake of 175 mg / day.

It is understood that EstroG-100 is a kind of three kinds of herbs from the hot water extract, three kinds of herbs were Pishan Xia (Cynanchumwilfordii Hemsley), the Soviet Union (Phlomisumbrosa Turcz), North Korea Angelica (Angelicagigas Nakai). From the efficacy of these three plants, the common point is qi and blood circulation, strong bones enhance the effect of human immunity, for menopausal women, is a very good health food.

Cranberry Extract: Improves Female Intestinal Urethral Health

US Fruit d'Or has launched a new type of new GO2 for women, including organic cranberry cranberry powder and three other ingredients to achieve the best intestinal health and urethral health effects.

It is understood that the product each contains 10g of organic acid cranberry cranberry powder, 6g of Sunfiber prebiotics, 20g of CFU LactoCran cranberry protein powder / probiotic formula. Compared with the use of cranberry and FOS alone, the activity of probiotics can be increased by 200%, and can significantly enhance the proliferation of Bifidobacterium. Fruit d'Or company's business director said that the new product using a new technology, the product can make a fresh feeling. In addition, unlike other cranberry juice that contains up to 63% sugar in the market, the product allows women to choose the number and type of sweeteners.

Maca extract: improve women's menopausal symptoms

Recently, a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial using malt extract has been practiced in Japan and it is expected that this component is expected to exert a significant reduction in the likelihood of menopausal symptoms in women. The researchers were 41 healthy women aged 40 to 58 in Japan, and the researchers observed a significant improvement in blood estrogen levels and sleep disorders compared with the placebo group by stratified analysis.

Margaret has been known for having to relax the body's fatigue and nourishing, and in recent years the development of products for women has also begun to be active. This experiment proved that the extract of the horse has to promote the ovulation of estrogen to increase the role in the regulation of menstruation and pregnancy is expected to achieve good results.

Silybum marianum extract: effective to anti - breast cancer

Silybum marianum has been in the treatment of hepatobiliary disease has been more than 2000 years of history, in recent years, researchers have been studying the anti-tumor effect of silymarin, especially breast cancer, lung cancer and liver cancer. In 2016, nine independent trials have shown that silymarin has a potential in anti-breast cancer and is resistant to various forms of breast cancer, such as ER-positive and triple-negative breast cancer.

The effect of silymarin in anticancer activity is mainly that it contains silymarin (a flavonoid lignans compound) that has been shown to inhibit the regeneration of cancer cells and reduce the growth cycle of surviving cancer cells. In November 2016, a joint study between China and Japan noted that silymarin extract silymarin can induce estrogen-positive breast cancer cell death in two ways.