New Food Ingredients: Plant Extract EstroG-100


According to the EU Food Safety Authority news on May 8, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) once again on the extract EstroG-100 as a new food raw materials for food supplements issued opinion that menopausal women in accordance with the maximum intake of 175mg / day taking safe.

It is understood that EstroG-100 is a kind of three kinds of herbs from the hot water extract, three kinds of herbs were Pishan Xia (Cynanchumwilfordii Hemsley), the Soviet Union (Phlomisumbrosa Turcz), North Korea Angelica (Angelicagigas Nakai).

These three kinds of plants in our country have a lot of cultivation and use, then they have their own what effect?

Polygonum multiflorum extract

Geshan Xiao, also known as Polygonum multiflorum, since a thousand years ago in the late Tang Dynasty has been used so far. With Kidney Yigan, UFA hair, nourishing Yijing, anti-aging effect, 95% of China's Shouwuwu produced in Binhai County, Jiangsu Province.

Although the name is similar, Polygonum multiflorum and common traditional Chinese medicine Polygonum multiflora is still very different. Polygonum multiflorum for herbs, food to be strictly in line with doctor's orders. Polygonum multiflorum is a health herbal medicine, mainly to health care, because of its warm and pleasant, and has no toxic side effects, so available daily.

The main effect of Baishouwu

1. Immune regulation: Polygonum cuspidatum is good at the body's essence and blood, blood is righteousness, can enhance disease resistance, anti-aging.

2. Treatment of tumor: Polygonum multiflorum total glycosides on EAC, S180, H22 and nasopharyngeal carcinoma (CNF2), liver cancer (H7402) and other cancerous strains have significant anti-cancer effect, of which the most sensitive to H7402. In the study of the experiment, scholars, experts also found that Polygonum multiflorum can significantly enhance the anti-cancer effect of chemotherapy drugs and reduce its side effects.

3. To promote hair growth: hair growth and shedding and blood gas and kidney essence is related. Baishuwu is not only commonly used in the blood of the drug, but also health treasures, with the role of promoting hair growth.

4. hangover Liver: Polygonum multiflorum glycosides caused by acetophenosis of the hemolytic anemia of the liver has a significant protective effect, can damage the liver activity of the liver have different degrees of recovery, so that the damaged liver Good protection.

5. Hypolipidemic: Polygonum multiflorum total glycosides and primary powder can significantly reduce serum total cholesterol, with a certain lipid-lowering, arterial smooth muscle cell proliferation.

Rosacea extract

Rousseau is also called the big leaves of the Soviet Union, mountain Suzi, rough Sue Dipsacus, Chang Shan, white and so on, for the Labiata plant Roots of the root and the whole plant. In Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Shandong, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Gansu, Sichuan, Hubei, Guizhou and Guangdong and other regions are distributed.

Rhubarb contains a variety of flavonoid glycosides, amino acids, volatile oil, carbohydrates and tannins. In the medication with Qufeng active, strong gluten Zhuanggu, swelling and other effects. In addition, the crude polysaccharide is a kind of natural antibacterial substance, which has broad spectrum antibacterial effect, has high application potential and comprehensive development prospect.

Korean angelica extract

Korean angelica is a herbal plant owned by Umbellifera, native to China, Japan and North Korea. Widely grown in the northeastern provinces of China, often born at an altitude of 1,000 meters above the high slopes.

As the Chinese herbal medicine of the Korean angelica is to use it to dry the root, there Qufeng Tongluo, Huoxue pain and other functions.

Summary: From the efficacy of these three plants, the common point is blood circulation, strong bones enhance of the effect of human immunity, for menopausal women,it can be very good and healthy food.