Walking can cure three “high" disease? disease prevention? How to go? How fast is it? How much?


Walk for 30 minutes-"quick medicine" to help you to stay away from the disease 

According to the guidelines published by the Prevention magazine in the United States, it takes 30 minutes a day to protect your heart from health, reduce your body's pain and improve your mood ...

Only 30 minutes, you can have the benefits of quick medicine?

Is a number of the latest international research are clearly pointed out that walking in the disease prevention, disease resistance, longevity, the effectiveness of the key is how to go, for example:

If you walk a week, 7 hours (on a daily basis), you can put:

Coronary heart disease, heart disease incidence, reduced by 30%.

The risk of pancreatic ai reduced by 50%

Death risk can drop 50%

If the sick, often walking the disease worse than those who do not exercise 57% lower,

One day walking for an hour, you can put:

50% of type 2 diabetes prevention effect,

So that the risk of suffering from breast disease by 12%, women of any age are applicable,

Take ten minutes a day, you can:

More than 60 years old, 3 days a week, each time more than 45 minutes of walking exercise, help to maintain a better cognitive function, to avoid dementia,

Walk 20 minutes a day, every year will be able to help away from illness, heart disease and stroke caused premature death.

Walking is the gateway to the magic of health

1. is the door to heart health

For most people, walking is the easiest and most convenient way to prevent heart disease.

As early as the early 1920s, the founder of the American Heart Society, a famous cardiologist Dr. White, suggested that walking exercise can prevent atherosclerosis.

And the first to walk as a heart disease and myocardial infarction patients rehabilitation method, and achieved good results.

2. is the door to the health of the brain

To prevent brain atrophy, Alzheimer's, one way is to ensure that no less than 9.6 km per week walk.

Because walking can not only increase the brain volume, but also make the memory of the probability of a problem reduced by 50%.

3. is the door away from diabetes

Studies show that a week to adhere to 3 days a day in 30 minutes walk 3 km, the incidence of diabetes can be reduced by 25%;

4 days a week, can be reduced by 33%; 5 days a week, can be reduced by 42%.

4. is the door to bone health

Walking can make the bones more reasonable to support the weight of the body, thereby reducing the loss of bone minerals, prevention and improvement of osteoporosis.

In addition, compared with running, walking not only on the joint pressure is small, but also delay the joint function of the recession.

5. is the door to weight loss

Walking every 30 minutes consumes 75 kcal of calories. Weight loss depends on long-term, regular exercise, and occasionally a strenuous exercise can only last 48 hours.

And excessive exercise sometimes cause sudden death, very dangerous, only the most appropriate walking.

6. is the door to longevity

Studies show that people who walk more than 30 minutes a day, regardless of how high the body fat content, their longevity than others 4 times higher.

Walk plus "step"

Eliminate pain is unequivocal

Back pain

Back to go can exercise usually rarely used to the waist, back muscles.

If you are sedentary office workers, long-term sitting watching TV old people, then you better exercise method is to go back.

Method: can be combined with walking and walking half an hour a day. Be careful not to touch the things that fall behind.


Take a step will drive the hip twist, help to increase the waist strength, stimulate gastrointestinal motility, can effectively prevent constipation.

Method: walk along a straight line (ie model step), to the left and right sides twist hips. Exercise is not too much, take 500 meters is enough.

Take a step to pay attention to the action range should not be too much, so as not to sprain ankle. But also with the action of Roufu ~

3. Kidney: Tiptographic walking

Tiptoe walking exercise, mainly the front of the forefoot, thumb from the force, and this area is the foot Shaoyin kidney, foot Jueyin liver and foot lupine after the spleen through the place.

Therefore, the tiptoe to take the role of warming kidney yang.

Method: about 10 minutes a day, the middle can stop and go, tired to rest.

4. breathe freely: while walking side by side

Adhere to walking while playing the body of exercise, can enhance lung function, help breathing smooth.

Method: left foot forward at the same time, his hands open to both sides of the body, left foot landing at the same time, right hand gently tapping the left chest, left hand to the right side of the waist beat.

And then change the direction, while the forward, while shooting.

How to go healthy

Must be tested before walking

Although the British study shows that 2 km per day can make the risk of halving the disease, but we do not recommend you go 2 km a day.

First of all, ai disease is not so easy to get, no need to worry about; Second, the elderly movement must go to extremes.

Suggest that you first do a test, is to see your heart, the knee can not adapt to this movement.

Of course, most people are suitable, but still test better, the method is "6 minutes test method."

In 100 meters straight on the road back and forth, in their relatively comfortable speed on the 6 minutes, and then probably estimated about walking distance:

Less than 300 meters: poor, do not recommend walking exercise;

300 ~ 374.9 meters: it is recommended to start from the walk;

375 ~ 449.5 meters: meet the conditions;

450 meters or more: better, can be improved by walking exercise;

If you can reach: 6 minutes to go more than 375 meters, you can walk every day to exercise, and less than 375 meters of people, the heart, the knee may be a problem, not suitable for this sport.

It is recommended to use the swimming pool to walk and some other relatively small movement.