Functional fruit juice may break traditional juice market


According to the latest release of report, more and more consumers are seeking functional drinks to support the current harsh, fast-paced lifestyle. 49% of consumers chose vitamins and mineral beverages in the best mixed drink survey of consumers. With the popularity of functional and mixed beverages, product innovation can bring new growth opportunities for some beverage categories.

A survey of consumers who are regular or have tried to drink mixed beverages found that bottled water with added health benefits such as protein, vitamins or antioxidants had the highest demand for 44%; followed by carbohydrate fruit juice (40%) and Added fruit juice (35%) such as refreshing, relaxing and other functional benefits.


Although in history, juice accounted for the largest market share of US non-alcoholic beverages, but in 2016, pure juice, fruit juice and smoothies sales increased by only 1.2%. Product innovation has attracted American consumers to other beverage areas to find new flavors and products, but by introducing a mixed drink it may give juice a chance to recover. The survey showed that 47% of respondents said they were most interested in mixed drinks, higher than water, tea, cola, energy drinks and coffee.


Beth Bloom, a senior food and beverage analyst at Eminem, says consumers are increasingly looking for the functional and health effects of beverages as consumers prefer to shift to better-for-you foods and beverages. Some of the larger beverage categories such as carbonated soft drinks and juices are losing market share, and new beverages that meet consumer demand for more flavor and functional innovation are emerging. However, in mixed drink lovers, the juice category has a clear chance that product innovation, which combines fruit juice with other types of beverage with a high intrinsic health awareness, may increase the appeal to consumers.


In addition to the juice mix, antioxidant (42%), energy (37%) and electrolytes (33%) are also at the forefront of the ideal mix of US consumers wanting to get. However, 18 to 21-year-old young consumers are more interested in emotional enhancement of mixed drinks, choose to improve the energy class reached 51%, relaxation class to 35%.


For many Americans, mixed beverages are also considered a refreshing tool. 36% of respondents said they were drinking in the afternoon, 27% were drinking on the road, and 27% served as a recreational drink. On the packaging, 34% of the respondents said their favorite mixed drinks should be packed in plastic bottles, 26% of the respondents interested in closed packaging.


In order to better meet the needs of consumers, mixed beverage developers in the development of new products have multiple opportunities. The survey shows that for most consumers, the ideal mix of drinks is based on fruit juice, containing vitamins and minerals, and sealed in plastic bottles. Follow these consumers' broad points of interest, with recipes and packaging types for beverages that will better appeal to consumers. Locating these beverages in retail locations will be able to enter into more consumer implementations, thereby better promoting sales.


In addition to providing the best flavor and functionality, product trials can also provide new opportunities for mixed beverages, with more than a quarter (26%) of mixed drink consumers saying they are bored with the currently available non-alcoholic selection; More than three-quarters (76%) of mixed drink consumers said they liked to try new types of beverages; nearly two-thirds (63%) thought mixed drinks encouraged them to try new drinks that they would normally not try, Generation is most agree (72%). In 2016, the age of the millennial was between 22 and 39 years old.


However, the study also found that 80% of mixed drink consumers believe that mixed beverages are more expensive than other beverages, and more than half (57%) of non-mixed beverages consumers believe that drinking mixed drinks will make them to spend more money.


In short, in the non-alcoholic beverage products, mixed drinks is a powerful tool for consumers to keep young. However, mixed beverages face price challenges.