Grape seed extract-OPC

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Grape seed extract-OPC

OPC(Procyanidin or Proanthocyanidins)

CAS: 4852-22-6

MF:   C30H26O13

MW:  594.52

Appearance: Red brown powder,soluble in water

1.Is the most effective natural antioxidant(TCM) in removing free radicals in human body.

1.Improve Blood Circulation 

2.protect eyes

3.Eliminate edema

4.Moist skin

5.The combination of procyanidins and vitamin C can make cholesterol decompose.

6.Cardiac protective agent

7.Slow down the cardiovascular inflammation and help treat many diseases.

8.ease varicosity

9.Help improve memory and slow down aging and the risk of stroke.


[Makeup application]

1.Anti-wrinkle effect

2.Sunscreen and whitening effect

3.Convergence and moisturizing effect


5.Promote hair growth and regeneration

[safety performance]
Non-toxic, not carcinogenic, no antigenicity, no fetal abnormalities


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