Rhodiola Rosea extract

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Rhodiola Rosea extract

【effective constituent】Salidroside




【appearance】brown powder


Salidroside 1% to 10% 

Rosavins 1% to 8% 

Rosavin 1% to 5%

Rosavins 3%+Salidroside 1%


【Methods of Extraction and Isolation】

crushed rhodiola root and rhizome into meal,reflux extract with 70% ethanol,then Divide extract,reduce pressure and recycle ethanol.put equal water in the concentrate.extract with petroleum ether, chloroform, ethyl acetate, recycle solvents with n-butanol,Ethyl acetate and n-butanol.then get raw butyl alcohol and rhodiola glucoside crude products.



1、Enhance the immune function

2、ease depression

3、Protect the cardiovascular function


5、Improve human body function

6、antitumor activity

7、Improve sexual function

8、improve the memory

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