Synthesized Nonivamide

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[Basic info] 

Product name           Nonivamide
Chemical name        N-vanillylnonamide  N-(4-Hydroxy-3-methoxybenzyl)nonanamide
CAS  No               2444-46-4
Molecular formula     C
Molecular weight       293.40


Appearance               white or off-white power
Assay                         ≥99% by HPLC
Melting point              58℃
Loss on drying           ≤ 1.0%
Arsenic                       ≤ 2ppm
Heavy metals             ≤10 ppm
Ignition Residue         ≤ 0.5%

1.As the external-used raw material, the products can treast joint pain, neurlgia and other intractable diseases. Meanwhile, it also can be made of liniment, tincture, cream, paste and so on.
2.As the raw material for anti-fouling paints in pollution-free marine, it can be made of paint, coatings, and so on. In this way, to effectively prevent algae shell lived in water from parasitics for the ships, offshore platforms and underwater facilities.
3.As the raw material for new type of biological pesticides.
4.As the ingredients added into the products to prevent the electric cable from ant and mouse ane etc.
5.As the main ingredients in the manufacturing of the tear-gas bomb/gan, and self-defenders and etc.


[Shelf life]  

36 months when properly stored



Store in cool & dry place; Keep away from strong light and heat.

COA and other certificates will be sent under request!


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