Plant extracts - weight loss and sports nutrition are the hottest


In the healthy consumption field, food safety has become a global topic at the same time, the plant extract industry is showing a scale of the market leap-style development, plant extracts research and development has become the focus of world's food and drug areas.

Apple tree extract: relieve asthma, anti-obesity

Apple is well known fruit, but we are still relatively unfamiliar to the apple tree. Recently, a study by Changgeng University of Science and Technology in Taiwan found that flavonoid (PT) derived from apple trees could reduce the severity of respiratory tract irritation (AHR), respiratory inflammation and Oxidative stress and other symptoms. PT is a substance that exists in fruit, leaves and bark of apple trees. Previous studies have confirmed that it has a good effect in regulating glucose transporter, promoting tumor cell dying, increasing lipid metabolism and anti-obesity.

Pepper extract: helps to lose weight

Pepper is an indispensable seasoning vegetables in many areas, capsaicin is derived from the latest extract of pepper. According to a study published in the Appetite magazine, 2 mg capsaicinoids were ingested every day for 12 consecutive weeks, which was associated with a significant reduction in calories. The study used the Capsimax pepper extract from OmniActive Health Technologies Inc., which also funded the study by granting a grant to Mary Hardin-Baylor University.

Tomato extract: helps to prevent and treat stomach cancer

Tomatoes are a popular fruit for both vegetables and fruits. They are rich in vitamins and minerals. Researchers from the United States and Italy have found that the full extract of the two tomato varieties (San Marzano and Corbarino) can prevent gastric cancer cells Growth and inhibit its malignant characteristics.

Researchers tested the effects of San Marzano and Corbarino extracts on gastric cancer cell lines. They found that each extract not only prevented the growth of gastric cancer cells, but also can interfere with the transfer of cancer cells.

In addition, the researchers found that the anti-cancer effect of the full extract of tomatoes did not specifically implement a particular compound. Their antitumor effect does not seem to be related to a particular ingredient (such as lycopene), which seems to indicate that the anti-cancer effect of tomatoes is overall and effective.

Creatoror - helps you to burn fat

The name of the fenugreek is derived from Latin, meaning "Greek hay", wild gourd in addition to growing in the above areas, also common in India and North Africa. Because of good health care, this herbal medicine has become a well-known nutritional supplements. Recently, an independent panel of experts issued a statement, Novel Ingredient Services company's patented sports nutrition ingredients Physicor received the US FDA self-assessment GRAS certification. The ingredient is a patented fenugreek extract, and clinical studies have been reported to have been able to safely accelerate the consumption of visceral fat and increase the synthesis of lean muscle in combat training.

As a natural ingredient with a wide range of soluble and soft ingredients, Physicor is ideal for functional foods and beverages without the addition of additional spices, whether it is taste, texture or taste, and the ingredients are all ingredients, says CEORick Antonoff, chairman of Novel Ingredient Services. Can meet one by one. And because of the role of shaping and carving the core of the human body muscles, Physicor is particularly suitable for sports nutrition rods, muscle powder and ready-to-drink drinks.

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