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Aloe Vera Extract

Aloe, a member of the lily family that more closely resembles a cactus in appearance and habitat, has been used in natural medicine for thousands of years. Today, we value it chiefly for its "aloe vera," a gel scraped from the inside of its fleshy spiked leaves, that can be used as a salve to relieve burned or irritated skin. There is more to this ancient plant, however, than the mucilaginous gel that is used to soothe skin. Many people maintain that the use of aloe "juice" has digestive benefits, too.

Product Name: Aloe Vera Extract

Botanical Name:Plantago asiatica L.

Part Used: Fleshy Leaf

Specification: 50:1,100:1

Aloin 10% to 98%

CAS No:8001-97-6

Molecular Formula: C20H20O8

Molecular Weight: 418.40

Appearance: Yellow

Where is Recedarbio's Aloe Extract used to?

According to Heather Boom, clinical studies suggest that aloe vera-based extracts may help improve blood glucose levels, although more research is needed to confirm these findings. Aloe may also help in the treatment of wound healing in diabetics, by decreasing the swelling and pain and promoting faster healing of the wound. Leg wounds and ulcers are common complications of diabetes, and typically they take longer time to heal than in healthy individuals.

Aloe vera can effectively decrease scar tissue formation if applied before surgery, is the conclusion of a study involving animal models published in the April 2010 issue of "European Journal of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Biology " by E. Aysan and his colleagues. Scars, medically known as adhesions, are common complication of surgical procedures that may cause pain, infertility or impair various organs and tissue functions, says M. Diamond, M.D., from Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit.

Application of Recedarbio's Aloe Extract:

1.aloe vera promotes the healing of minor burns and small wounds reduce intestinal transit time reduced total serum cholesterol , serum triglycerides , fasting and post prandial blood sugar levels aid in keeping the skin supple , and has been used in the control of acne and eczema reduced total serum cholesterol, serum triglycerides, fasting and post prandial blood sugar levels

Packing and storage:

Packing:25kg carton drum,double-layer plastic bags inside

Sttorage:Sealed in cool and dry place, keep away from strong light and heat.

Shelf life: 24 months when properly stored.

COA and other ceitificates will be sent under request.

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